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Welcome to the world of Insurance, would like to introduce myself; I am Rajesh Guliani, from Delhi. Have been venturing in the insurance business.

This website will provide you many more exciting tools such as ;Industry News, Articles, Financial Calculators, Tax & Bonus Information, and Agency Canvas to grow up your career as an Insurance Advisor etc. So what are you waiting for, Join us to know about the Insurance Industry in depth.

LIC at a glance:

1. LIC is the biggest Life insurer in India; it’s a most trusted life insurance company and gives satisfaction to each class of clients.
2. Availability of insurance plans according to human needs is their biggest asset.
3. LIC stands first in all categories, sum assured, premium collection and claims concession.

Financial planning has a very vital role to play in helping individuals, both for the up-gradation as well as sustaining the lifestyle. There are series of unforeseen circumstances like medical emergencies or unplanned expenditures that an individual might have to cope with; but sound financial planning can facilitate us to easily mitigate such situations, without straining your finance.

Our aim is to provide best & finest services to our clients & for that we are utilizing all the Datacomp Softwares.

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